About us

Dezin’In is the first shop of its kind. A one-stop-shop for both contemporary art and design furniture dedicated to professional architects and interior designers.

Both concepts are works of art, challenging matter and technology and destined to make interiors look good and comfortable!

DEZIN’IN Collection is our showroom for design furniture.

Our flagship product is, of course, the chair. The chair is the trend teller and the experimental object in the history of design.  The chair tells us about aesthetics, technology, ergonomics, social and cultural environments, all through history, from Thonet to Saarinen via Vitra to us. Our chairs will fit in all environments from the underground look up to the highly sophisticated atmosphere.

DEZIN’IN Gallery is our art-gallery: paitnings, objects. This gallery will grow along with our findings.

Dezin’In ambition is to offer an ever evolving collection of sophisticated furniture as well as paintings and other works of art – depending on what our talented artists have to offer. We intend to boost creativity.

Our shop is this very web site and exhibitions under the label: DEZIN’IN WEEK, we will be throwing all over Europe. You will be kept informed via this site, our Facebook page as well as all major social media networks. If you want to be first to know, please subscribe to our newsletter!

A warm welcome to you!

Nezha Kandoussi