FEDAI PartenairesFEDAI (Fédération Européenne des Architectes d’Intérieur)

The federation started 2006 in order to gather professionals who are passionate about their job as interior designers.

The federation’s aim is to promote and share the values of its charter of commitment and ethics that all members have signed and agreed upon.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Federation started expanding over Europe : Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland have already joined, Italy and Spain are on their way.


1496314_275186605966258_782580051_oUFDI (Union Francophone des Décorateurs d’Intérieur)

The UFDI –Association is a professional network dedicated to interior decoration. The UFDI acts as a go-between in order to connect people (consumers or companies) seeking decoration services with members of the UFDI througout France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg. It has 150 members all over Europe. This professional network also offers its members the opportunity to partner with decoration brands and various suppliers and benefit from preferred financial conditions.